1. inertially's Avatar
    Is there a free video player with seeking technology. This feature seems to be some really advanced stuff.
    What I mean it, You know how there's a timeline on video player showing the progress? I want to be able to select a pivot point on the timeline and swipe left to right to change my position (frame).

    For example go to 1 minute in the video. Or 1 minute 2 seconds, or 1 minutes 5 seconds.

    I know there's forward and reverse button, but those only jump around a large amount. I want to just pivot across. This advanced feature is commonly available on most video players out today and for the last 2 decades, but not on Windows Phone video player.

    These basic missing functionalities are making me want to return this 520.
    If this super high technology isn't available for free, WP is completely hopeless.
    07-28-2013 07:46 PM
  2. inertially's Avatar
    Video and Music players should have a slider to RW/FF

    Two years and it's still not there.

    This phone is going back to HSN.. Microsoft doesn't care about Windows Phone.. I hope Nokia is working on Android.
    Nokia could probably leap over HTC, etc.. and be right there 2nd behind Samsung.
    25% of 75% (AND) of Smartphones sales is better than 90% of 3% (WP) of smartphone sales.
    07-28-2013 08:28 PM

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