1. ItsMeCD's Avatar
    I'm new to WP8, and so far am extremely happy converting from Android.

    But, I am looking for a checkbook app that has the ability to sync accounts/balances/etc. between two WP8 devices. Maybe through SkyDrive? Any ideas out there? Currently I am using Checkbook Metro and love the application, but need this one killer feature I can't seem to find anywhere.

    Thanks in advance...
    08-29-2013 08:27 PM
  2. Shobiz's Avatar
    I've used MoBudget Pro for last 3 years. Although, it has a learning curve, its the best money app in the marketplace. The developer updates the app frequently.
    08-29-2013 08:45 PM
  3. jbfoster61's Avatar
    Any new checkbook apps that will sync with a desktop PC?

    I am currently using AceMoney but it is Desktop only.

    12-25-2013 08:22 PM
  4. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Pageonce ("Check" on Android & iOS) has always been my banking app.
    12-25-2013 08:27 PM
  5. jbfoster61's Avatar
    I use Pageonce to check balances and get alerts but it does not have a checkbook register that will sync to another device or desktop.

    12-25-2013 08:38 PM
  6. Eric J F's Avatar
    I looked at a lot of the checkbook and budget apps and templates but none of them were simple and easy to use and synced across all my devices.

    I ended up making my own Excel register and put it in a non-public SkyDrive folder. I can now keep it synced but still have offline copies on each device.

    The only hard part was getting the balance formula right, but it now works simpler and better than any I saw in the store.

    I'd be happy to pass on some details if you decide to go this route.
    12-25-2013 08:57 PM
  7. jbfoster61's Avatar
    Thanks for the offer but I rather not use Excel. I will continue using AceMoney. I can't find any checkbook apps that have a desktop version that sync together.

    12-25-2013 09:11 PM
  8. Eric J F's Avatar

    If you do find one that uses SkyDrive, let us know. My Excel register works but it's not very pretty!
    12-25-2013 09:43 PM
  9. Eric J F's Avatar
    What about OneNote?

    I haven't tried it, but supposedly you can create a spreadsheet within a note. That was an alternative when I was looking at my options.
    12-25-2013 09:52 PM
  10. jbfoster61's Avatar
    If I run across a WP8 app that syncs to the desktop I will post it here.

    12-25-2013 10:21 PM
  11. jorgemariom's Avatar
    I'm using Money wallet it have SkyDrive sync, but mobudget it have Wphone and desktop versions with Skype sync too

    Sent from my RM-824_nam_att_101 using Tapatalk
    12-25-2013 10:25 PM
  12. jbfoster61's Avatar
    I looked at mobudget earlier today but I couldn't find the Desktop version just WP version.

    12-26-2013 12:18 AM
  13. costas60's Avatar
    check this one out
    one of the better ones and I have tried a few
    you can save to skydrive
    not sure about pc though

    Money Tracker
    Money Tracker | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (Australia)

    Money Tracker Pro
    Money Tracker Pro | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (Australia)
    12-26-2013 01:58 AM
  14. jbfoster61's Avatar
    Anyone found a Windows phone 8 checkbook app that will sync with the desktop?

    06-01-2014 01:18 AM
  15. oditius's Avatar
    No, I am currently bugging Quicken to create a WP app. But in the meantime I use www.clearcheckbook.com. I have the bookmark on my start page, they have a WP app, but not much support because for me it just doesn't work. But it has a mobile page that works fine. And you can log in to your account from any browser.
    06-01-2014 08:28 AM
  16. dqgeek's Avatar
    Just got off a chat session with Quicken support and the guy there tells me that the Quicken Mobile app for WP8 should be coming out in August along with new versions of Quicken for Windows and Mac. I reiterated that I was asking about the Windows Phone version, not iPhone or Android and he said, "Yes, they've also develop one for Windows Phone 8 :)"
    oditius likes this.
    07-23-2014 01:39 PM

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