1. Daniel Lee Womack's Avatar
    Hi. WP8 needs to make the Jawbone Link battery status meter icon compatible with my Nokian 920. I will choose this Jawbone ERA Midnight/Blackout/Silverlining/Smokescreen over this phone and pickup a Blackberry or Android device which will accept Jawbone Link and work like its supposed to. It will pair to the phone fine and that's the only thing it does right. Once paired it will facilitate the 920's voice dialing and caller ID (but only if I store the contacts in MyTalk.) or the incoming call's phone number. THATS IT!

    There needs to be a better compatibility with USAA's mobile banking App. As-in, should run it. The only thing I can do is acess the bank's mobile online website but can't deposit@mobile. Yet another WP8 shortcoming.

    Hey, FIX IT!
    09-27-2013 02:44 PM
  2. xconomicron's Avatar
    USAA refuses to make an app for WP8. I live here in San Antonio where USAA is headquartered, there have been rumors from my friends who work there that the CIO has a grudge against everything Microsoft. -Not sure if that's true, but I'm afraid the only way for WP8 to get a USAA app is to keep pressuring them. -email them, tweet them...whatever you have to do to make them aware that people want them to develop for the platform.

    I email them like every month about this. It doesn't hurt.
    09-27-2013 02:57 PM

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