1. tardismatrix22's Avatar
    A quizlet app for WP?
    01-13-2014 12:23 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What is quizlet?
    01-13-2014 12:41 AM
  3. tardismatrix22's Avatar
    Quizlet is a website in which people create study lists. Check it out: quizlet.com
    01-13-2014 01:19 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    There are apps listed here.
    tardismatrix22 likes this.
    01-13-2014 01:25 AM
  5. Jeremy Blankenship's Avatar
    I am also concerned their is no app for Quizlet on WP. The thing you do not understand, obviously not even knowing what it is, is how much better quizlet is than ANY other generic flash card apps WP currently offers. I am sorry it is just the truth and I have been looking. The offline study features that quizlet has are the best I have ever seen. There is also zero obtrusive ads. I mean seriously we are studying! We don't want that junk. You want to do ads that is find do it on the webpages or some other method, but not while we are studying! Otherwise don't try to fix what isn't broken and communicate with quizlet about allowing students to have Quizlet app on WP. I just purchased this WP 640 and not having this app is a HUGE let down. I can live without a lot of apps and you've done quite well replacing many. However if you cannot completely mimic the studying functions of Quizlet or do better you will lose a lot of interest from students HS-University. That is a huge gap. Fix this issue very soon. Fall starts in a few weeks for University students.
    08-09-2015 08:27 AM
  6. k72's Avatar
    Yeah, I really wish there was a Quizlet app. I'd even be willing to pay for it. I would love to have it so much handier.
    10-05-2015 11:30 PM

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