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    Hi there -
    I'm looking for an app that would combine the ability to read articles I've saved on Readability or Pocket as well as sync with RSS feeds. Essentially a one stop app for reading web content/articles - whether delivered in the app through feeds or I found them elsewhere and saved them to my Readability/Pocket accounts. (It doesn't have to be both - I have accounts on either and am fine committing to one; I'm also not tied to a specific RSS feed reader service).

    I've found plenty of apps that are news readers and will SHARE with Readability or Pocket, but that just means I have to go open up a second app to read that article. The only app I've found that does this so far is Swift Reader. Which brings me to my next "would be nice" item: for the app to have a Windows 8 RT companion app (or if there's an unrelated app that combines the services in a Win8 RT app that's fine too).

    So, does this exist? It seems like something that should...but I've found many more strictly feed and strictly read later options, not combos. If anything I'll stick with Swift Reader and deal with using two apps on the Surface but would like to have one app on each device.
    01-23-2014 02:58 PM

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