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    Hello guys,

    In a dilemma here. I need to buy a mobile ASAP. I got down to two options which are Lumia 730 and Lumia 830. But the thing is as per reports Lumia 830 has been discontinued (Not sure about 730 though as it is available in local stores in Mumbai). Also I read many threads in this forum regarding both the devices. Including the one titled - what-features-lack-nokia-lumia-730-and-lumia-830

    Even still I am little bit confused because both models have threads which contains many defects and bugs. I was surprised to see that. I used to thought that Nokia (and not Microsoft) gives to nice end products so that users need not to worry about any issues. The major reason why I am not running after other companies such as Asus or One Plus etc. which have many negative reviews regarding hardware/software issues and after sales service. I used to think I don't need to worry about ***(after sales service, as known in general for obvious reasons) in case of companies like Nokia (Apple too I guess). I used Lumia 520 before, which was a very good phone but it's screen got broke twice after it fell down while removing it from my pant's pocket.

    Anyways, the situation is that 830 has this famous Camera issue and not available in Local Stores. Whereas 730 is available. Also as per few threads 830 also has issues with its capacitive touch buttons after using screen guard or so and plus it has a curved glass so again scratch guards doesn't fit properly etc.

    And major thing is about it being discontinued ( don't know why 730 is available as I think it came with 830 and 930).

    (I really don't like other models as I don't like their designs and plus they are big. Dont want big phones. Liked 730 with 4.7" but overall size is almost same with 830, therefore trying 5")

    So is it OK to buy 830 or 730?

    Thank you.
    07-30-2015 07:24 AM

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