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    So I've been given a work phone, a 6s since my office runs on Macs - courtesy of being in a design field. I've had a lot of comments and mockery come my way because of the non-Apple phone I use from outsiders but after using it and setting it up it is horrible!!!

    Before this I had an 820 and Androids (Nexus S/ Galaxy W) and briefly used a friends iPhone 3gs when my Nexus was in repair. I used to own a MBP (now sold, though used to run windows anyway) and don't mind using Macs that much, so I'm not completely foreign to their ecosystem but there's just something about their phones.

    I never realised how redundant some things were and from a UI perspective I was a huge un-fan of a lot. E.g. Email. Anyway, I really hate carrying 2 phones because its a bit ridiculous and excessive but also because I HAVE to for work.

    I love everything about the 830 (I use it with no case or film screen and love it). I thought maybe just buy a nice case (got the Mujjo 80* one in tan for the white iPhone I was given by choice) yet its not the same... the design in the case which is meant to be high quality even disappoints me from a design point of view too... (rant in itself) The hole for the camera was slightly crooked, and even in press photos the ugly antenna stripes still show. I got a case to hide those antenna stripes... the edges were already blackened and i cant return it because its used...

    I'm pretty miserable using the 6s though I quite like some UI details here and there but I still miss using my 830 as my daily driver. Anyone been in the same position or should I just ask work what the deal is? I'm new for about 2months... and everyone carries a Black iPhone (I chose white to contrast my black 830!) I love the job, but hate this phone business...
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    I have work and personal phone as well. Work is Android and Personal is Lumia 640XL. I like them both. I'm of the mindset of wanting to know and learn new stuff so I've used all major phone OS except Symbian. I actually have belt holsters for both of them. It's not as bad as some make it out to be. It's not for everyone though. Worth asking for different phone, maybe dual SIM WP and get reimbursement.

    I do agree, IOS UI is rather dull now. And yes, redundant nagging for credentials. But they've been adding new stuff here and there. No new changes to the UI since initial release. But that means your 4 year old phone might still be able to run the latest IOS. Instead of W Mobile OS, which you most likely need to buy a new phone for.
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    There might actually be a benefit to having a separate phone for work. You might be able to put it in a drawer or leave it at home on weekends or non-working hours (depending on your job). That way you could avoid work related messages during your non-working time. It would be more of a hassle to disable to notifications for work messages on a personal phone that is also used for work.
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