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    My story with windows phone started back to year 2011 when Nokia started to launch their first Lumia 800. On the launch date I was able to convince my brother to buy that phone (I am still a student that time, so are unable afford myself). Lumia 800 design was one of the best on that time, the phone was pleasure experience. After 1 year Nokia announced their Lumia 920, with used the word ‘innovation’ throughout the whole event, by announcing few feature that first shown in smartphone, for example like 60hz screen, wireless charging & ois camera and it has become standard to current generation of smartphone. Instantly, I bought the phone on launch.

    My experience with the phone is good, unfortunately it drops into the water and spoiled, therefore I end out changing into android phone as replacement. Using android fell a lot of thing is miss compare to my Lumia 920. The most notable is the start screen. To compare both, in android there is app drawer and hompage, on homepage I could create shortcut or widget only and is arranged in page view, but it always harder for me to find the thing I want. Compare to windows phone 8. It has hompage that scroll vertically, I could pin app with glance able information, not only it shortcut was pinned, the contain or section inside the app are pinnable as well, I could pin a photo album (which can’t do now on windows 10 mobile), pin word of the day in dictionary, battery status and more. Moreover, the homepage trained my finger muscle memories that I could click the tile even without watching it. It feels like I could do thing much faster on windows phone.

    After a year I changed to a lower range Lumia 735. Surprisingly the phone work very well. Is maybe slow, but was not irritating at all. I used it to enrol the windows 10 preview build and it run smoothly. Windows 10 mobile had change and improved on previous windows phone. I like the visual change, it feels neat and modern. The favourite feature of mine is able the change the scaling for display size, app and text. The scaling is not only change the text smaller, infect the whole app are able to show more information in one screen. Moreover, I was able used it for horizontal viewing with extra panel on side and It fell like is a small window 10 pc in hand.

    Because of windows 10 mobile preview I was convince the Microsoft vison windows device are the future. Therefore, I had bought a Lumia 950 xl on the first day it launches in my country. It was a good phone, service my purpose well, take good photo and app had improve substantially compare to last time. But all of it goes downhill after. First, Microsoft starting to developed its own app to others platform first instead of its own platform. This is unpleased for me as a loyalty windows user to hear, the promise fully supports windows 10 mobile feel like a lie now. Second, they bought the Lumia division, after a year starting to firing their employee, it is like waste of talent on old Nokia team by not even trying. Third, after 9 months of usage of the phone, problem started to shown up, it shutdown itself more than 10 times a day and sometime the screen turn to dead screen of yellow. Even after refreshing with the recovery tool the problem still remains. Thus, I had to go for the official care centre to repair my device. After it came back from repair, the problem was not solved, they said they had change the main board on previous repair, but seem like the problem might be the screen or battery. Asking them to take back second repair, they told me the display need to wait maybe 1 month and for battery at least 3 months for the replacement unit to restock. I was shock and it mean that I will not be able to use my phone in these periods. This should not happen for a newly release phone. I am very frustrated. After saw the new in windowscentral.com (the website I always go for windows news) stated that Microsoft is officially discontinuing the Lumia line and the device is no longer produce even the warranty one. My hope of windows phone is gone. I had trusted a captain that had abandon the ship by not even trying. Lumia user please wake up; the ship is sinking. I could no longer say I am a proud windows phone user. I’m in tear now…... what should I do……..
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    09-13-2016 12:53 PM
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    As sad as it is to give up hope, one must move on. WM is only focusing on enterprise now and Lumia (along with PureView) is gone. This is no longer a viable option for consumers. MS apps are already better on iOS/Android. Yes, a couple of companies have come out with WM10 apps but market share will continue to drop further and these apps will eventually get discontinued. The 1% share will go to .5% as there are no Windows choices anymore except outdated phones.

    Microsoft's incompetence in mobile is one all of us will remember. They kept starting from scratch time and time again. They never advertised in years. They bought Nokia devices division and straight up fired everyone in a year. The really sad thing is that I remember in 2010 when WP was actually hip. We had Samsung, HTC, and LG on board along with many others. It's unthinkable today that WM could ever be perceived as cool or hip anymore.
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    09-14-2016 04:22 AM
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    The situation is maybe made worse by the fact that they are no longer supporting their products in most countries - the feeling is that you need to be in a developed western nation for you to get the best service
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    09-14-2016 08:12 AM
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    well if Microsoft concede defeat with the phone how can they succeed with P.C's and HoloLens let Apple win!
    09-20-2016 12:10 PM
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    Great read. My first Lumia was 510 a low end phone to test the water and I loved it. Loved the smooth and fine looking OS. So I bought 820, 1020 and finally 1520.

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    09-20-2016 04:20 PM

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