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    Guys my father (who is just learing to use his smartphone) ask for my help to find him a good phone at a midrange price

    His demands is good camera and probably android OS .My side at this is to get him a lumia 830 which has a great camera and its OS is more simple i belive compared to android.

    From the other side i am look to some other android phones and moto x seems to have good reviews ( i dont have good knoledge of android phones.

    What do you belive guys i am open to any suggestions.

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    09-14-2016 01:12 PM
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    I think that depends on a couple of factors...

    How old is your father? IMHO Windows Phone and W10M are superior for Seniors when it comes to ease of use and finding what they need on the phone...

    How much Android experience does your dad have? If he's learned Android and is invested in the ecosystem it may be hard to shift him...

    Does he have apps he favors already that have no W10M equivalent? Even for sparse app users there can be that one or two selections that make or break the experience.

    I believe that the 830 would be a superior shooter. chancooluk does some great shootouts, I've not seen one with Moto X, but there are a couple of them with 830 vs Moto G iterations. Maybe have your dad look at them.

    Does he video chat or take selfies? 830 seems to be behind Moto X there.

    830 is newer and moves from a dual core Krait (Moto X) to a quad core.
    Motorola Moto X vs. Nokia Lumia 830 - GSMArena.com
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    09-14-2016 01:26 PM
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    Thank you for the fast reply

    My father had his first experince with a galaxy core (android) which he uses almost only for phone calls.He is at his early 60's.

    He was a dslr shutter in the past and thats the reason he asked for a good camera and the reason i though of the 830.

    He is not a "power user" he mostly use news apps but his past phones too slow.

    The reason i suggest the 830 is camera , ease of use as i belive he is not too much into the android thing yet, and OS ageing which i belive is more soft on windows.But from the the other side i am worried for the future of services/repairs and cover Nokia brand and the OS in the last month.
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    09-14-2016 02:07 PM
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    When I put my Inlaws on Lumias that was their first smart phones ever. They still tell me how much they love them 10 months in.

    Pro Tip: Leave your father on 8.1 + Denim. Smooth and easy. He shouldn't have any issues. Most users swear by the algorithms in Lumia Camera and I agree. The bonus is that the interface in Lumia Camera should please him greatly as a DSLR user and he can shoot DNG to edit on desktop. Moto X ain't gonna touch that. Show your father the Camera App on your phone and the manual settings. Drop the name Carl Zeiss. Set him up with some great alternates like ProShot and Camera360 Sight.

    If you get the right 830 it should last him years; nothing that doesn't look absolutely cared for. The App selection might fade a bit in the 8.x store, but for users of a certain age they don't really want much outside of stock Apps anyway.

    Personally, I'm not falling for the Blog FUD. What;s to do to 8.1? It doesn't need security patches. I can't imagine any fixes that need to be applied. However, that being said I still get updates to my Nokia Lumia 2520 and RT is supposed to be dead and buried. I think it's still worthwhile to buy and run WP 8.1 devices right now.

    We recently had some good looking 830's in the Marketplace forum, but it looks like they are gone now.

    I've bought new from B&H and I trust them as a retailer. VERY solid rep. I've heard good things about their used program. Maybe have a look.
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    09-14-2016 09:02 PM

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