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    I just noticed Microsoft Groove is doing something new. Something that I have spent countless years trying to do myself, and that is organize a playlist by the writer of the song.* This is one of my music-listening passions, as most really good songs can be traced back to the writer of the song (not necessarily the performer).* So if I find a common thread between several favorite tracks, I go looking in the liner notes, in Wikipedia, Discogs.com, allmusic.com or even the ASCAP/BMI sites for a) who wrote those songs; and b) what else did they write.* I've got decades of playlists organized by songwriter in Windows Media Player as well as exported into Zune.* XBOX Music/Groove was lacking in this ability as you can't query or see the songwriter in that application (sadly). But today I noticed something under Your Groove (which was already a cool feature). I noticed four suggested playlists organized by songwriter, and two of them were two of my favorite songwriters.* I'm elated of course and thank you for this new feature.* I'm also curious.* How did this happen?* Is it a coincidence that Groove knew who I liked to listen to (songwriter-wise)? Or is there some kind of analytics going on behind the scenes?* And can you extend this feature a bit further? Could you let me ask Groove (or via Cortana) to play me a playlist of songs written by <composer name>?* How cool would that be?* Even better yet, let me tell you what years to pull from.* Or ask it to only include songs where the writer is also the performer.* The Groove Team has opened the Pandora's box of what makes music technology cool and useful.* Now lets see how far they can take it!* Thank you and don't stop!!
    10-08-2016 09:40 PM

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