1. MetalHd's Avatar
    So all my plaguing Verizon issues seem cured with a tier 2 tech finding VOLTE was not active on my acct. The HP X3 requires VOLTE. This did not activate when I carried my sim from the ICON over.. finally happy!!!
    01-31-2018 02:29 PM
  2. Dennis McMillan's Avatar
    Hello and thank you for this post...I saw your posts in another thread, and was curious as I talked to a verizon tech and he said my VoLTE was not on, so he activated it to my line, and it still did not work...I am still getting 1x during calls and still having text issues. Do you suppose he may have seen the VoLTE and switched it on, but didn't "save" those settings to my account?

    I really want to like this x3, and my beloved Icon is just about done battery wise...So I really and truly hope I can get this one working...I would be SUPER thrilled with this thing if I had LTE during calls, and my texts would send and receive more consistently.

    Thinking maybe I should go find another old Icon and use it until the mythical "Surface Phone" Arrives?

    Thank you in advance, and I truly hope you can help a fellow Metal Head out (guessing that is what your screen name means?).
    05-03-2018 03:58 PM
  3. pdch's Avatar
    @dennis mcmillan: I have a gently used (like 1 month) icon lying around somewhere. PM me if you are interested in it to get you through until you get your x3 working right.
    05-09-2018 10:58 AM

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