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    In this thread, post tips for this tablet and share with others. This is so the people who own the device can have a better experience with the tablet.
    01-26-2015 08:27 PM
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    Muting the tablet when volume isn't in use will boost the battery life.
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    01-26-2015 08:27 PM
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    If you want to listen to Pandora you can set it up in the desktop IE so that it will play in the background.
    01-27-2015 08:57 PM
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    Heh, nice topic.
    If you want get a screenshot (my solution):
    I found method to take screenshots on HP Stream 7 and save them to disk - it's easy.

    We have to have download and install that: app for Windows from the Windows Store

    Now, if we doing that: (from forum HP: Re: Issues taking a screenshot on the HP Stream 7 - HP Support Forum - 4751305)

    we can choose one more option - Chinese name of the installed application.
    App automaticaly saves all screenshots in her folder in the Pictures (app creates a folder with Chinese name - you find without difficulty). Now we do not need to send screenshots via Internet because we have them on HDD.

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    01-28-2015 12:26 PM
  5. anon(9057135)'s Avatar
    Heh, nice topic.
    If you want get a screnshot (my solution):
    Thanks! Ive added that to my reading list. Hopefully it will come in English soon! ��
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    01-28-2015 05:36 PM
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    Only want to turn off the screen not letting tablet goes to sleep?
    Try: NirCmd - Windows command line tool
    I made four short cuts: Screen off, log off, standby and power off and put them on start screen.
    Fingure too fat?
    Try: TouchMousePointer - virtual touchpad (on-screen mouse)
    It's on screen touch pad.
    03-03-2015 10:39 AM
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    For those who prefer win7 over win8, consider use Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

    04-28-2015 09:26 PM
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    Below are quoted from this post:

    Here's some tips on freeing up C: space without removing partitions or dual boot functionality:

    Remove Hiberfil.sys

    Run CCleaner

    Move Pagefile.sys to another drive

    Move Internet Explorer temporary web data to another drive

    I've got a few things installed, and I have about 2 GB free on C:. Things before were dropping down to the 120 MB level which was not good!
    05-12-2015 01:31 PM

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