1. corsica's Avatar

    what do you think?
    really hope that camera plug is a little more than unsubstantiated mouthwatering :P
    andrewkim789 likes this.
    11-17-2012 06:44 AM
  2. andrewkim789's Avatar
    The video looks quite nice, but it is a little repetitive :)
    11-17-2012 03:36 PM
  3. snowmutt's Avatar
    It is perfect for the HTC site. Anyone on there is already interested in either HTC devices or the 8S itself.

    I hope they give a little love to their 8S in promotion. I would love to know how much this will be going for off contract. It is an interesting device. If it is the lowest priced of the WP8's, it may find a very enthusiastic audience.
    11-17-2012 09:39 PM

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