09-25-2014 06:43 AM
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  1. DanielND's Avatar
    as Microsoft gived us the possibility to install 8.1 preview for developers on 8S's this realy S.U.C.K.S because now we can't roll back to 8 and we have and we will have problems with many applications as there is no support from HTC ...
    its the WORST decision that HTC can apply ...i will sell HTC 8S or throw it away and buy nokia or samsung ...with android because you guys are SICK

    it's not possible in 2014 not to have CALL AND SMS BLOCK on HTC ....as on nokia exists ...it;s a basic phone feature people ...i don't know which one of you, MICROSOFT or HTC it's the main problematic part but ...

    its not possible in 2014 to announce that a phone will not receive an update as u BOTH gived us preview for developers ...how do you want to make people buy your things if you're kidding on us? on your CUSTOMERS...
    08-08-2014 12:50 PM
  2. dorelse's Avatar
    8GB internal storage was meant in the post.
    The HTC 8XT I believe has 1GB ram.
    Correct, 1GB RAM, 8GB Internal...admittedly poor wording on my part.
    08-08-2014 02:13 PM
  3. dorelse's Avatar
    There is actually nothing wrong with the 8s. Microsoft compressed the gdr1 update for 4gb devices. htc just didn't want to update it.
    Is that true? If so, that's not good, not good at all.
    08-08-2014 02:14 PM
  4. mjes201's Avatar
    If the 8xt is anything like the 8x, then it certainly isn't a piece of sh1t. The 8x is a great handset, I have a Lumia 925 these days, but had the 8x before it, and it was a very good handset with a unique aspect ratio meaning you had an extra row of tiles when compared with everything else on the market.
    Yes it's a great phone! I'm so sorry, I was just caught up in the moment of being mad that HTC owners don't have GDR 1 yet. I didn't know who to blame so I blamed the phone! Je suis desol...
    08-08-2014 10:17 PM
  5. SefulMeu's Avatar
    If you want true sources please ask HTC support ;).
    08-09-2014 06:25 AM
  6. LilithElina's Avatar
    If you want true sources please ask HTC support ;).
    I did, they didn't know. But then, that specific person didn't know correct grammar, either. That did not leave a good impression!
    08-13-2014 04:10 AM
  7. dorelse's Avatar
    I've gotten much better responses by tweeting HTC 'Insert Country'...so I'll Tweet HTC Corp, and get nothing, but I've tweeted HTC USA and usually get a response back. I'm not sure if that's helpful or not...just the approach I've taken.
    08-14-2014 12:46 PM
  8. BataBole's Avatar
    Well I guess we will find out what can we expect from HTC on August of 19 when they announce their HTC One W8. Hopefully there will be words about supporting current devices 8S and 8X.
    Shkupjani likes this.
    08-16-2014 08:52 PM
  9. Koenigsstein's Avatar
    Yup, HTC is acting ****ty here. Even Lumia 520 got GDR1 update and the newest Lumia 530 with 4gb internal memory.. HTC is real Sh!T..
    Are you sure that the Lumia 530 is getting the update?
    08-18-2014 10:10 AM
  10. BataBole's Avatar
    Are you sure that the Lumia 530 is getting the update?
    99% sure. Lumia 530 is a newest phone on market and it will definitely get GDR1 update and upcoming ones. If not, then it would be a TOTAL miss.
    08-18-2014 11:23 AM
  11. Cryio's Avatar
    So you guys happy now that the 8S will get updates beyond official EOL? GDR1 on DP is available for 8S, 8XT and 8X now.
    mjes201 likes this.
    09-25-2014 06:43 AM
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