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    Hi there,

    I have my friends HTC 8S which needed a screen replacement. Which I volunteered to fix as I have previously successfully replaced the screen on my old HTC One X. However, after following all the steps that I researched, an issue arose where I would part assemble the phone (all cables on the motherboard connected, battery connected) to check if the screen would work and there was nothing, I tried a soft reset to see if that would work, which it didn't. I assembled the phone fully to see if it was maybe a loose connection so if I button it all up tight then the connection will be made but that failed also, I even tried the old screen again, that wouldn't work either! So a faulty screen & digitiser is out of the question.

    I was very careful when replacing the screen & to my knowledge I have broken nothing. The phone does receive calls, the buttons do work including the light sensors for the home screen etc.

    So I'm pretty stuck & feeling bad as my friend is without a phone. So any help or advice will be welcome

    08-16-2014 12:40 PM

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