08-26-2014 10:13 AM
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    I have a few problems with WP8 but the main one is the music player. I can't forward or rewind a song by dragging the location of the song left or right, you have to hold down the rewind or forward buttons. Second there is no volume control on screen, and the third, when the phone is in locked I have to hit the volume rocker to get to the music controls and it feels very unnatural.

    You also cant drag in youtube either, you have to acutally tap the rewind button, you cant even hold it down.
    Yeah none of the media players on the phone support scrubbing which to me is weird to not support these days.
    12-02-2012 03:29 PM
  2. Bhagyesh Shukla's Avatar
    I am using Lumia 720 India
    #4 Well, I can send the document as attachment even on the metered connections and done this may times while on roaming as well. In fact you can send it to multiple people/group at a same time. Also for this you don't require to upload a document. OR you can decide yourself. If the document/Pic/Video/Notes are that important then you should have uploaded it to OneDrive and then shared it. In or the other way the receiver needs to download for the same to access.. one at the and same process.
    #7 I would rather say it would be technical problem, cause when I receive a call and need to note down the groceries or notes at a same time, it dose very perfectly without any hassle. I think you would put your hand or a figure passes through sensor on the front. I have faced the same issue because of that genuinely!
    #9 we are developing like anything and the world appreciate it for having the best personalised smartphone experience. First, about various stock apps-you are right but I don't think so is the matter of weakness and therefore, SWITHC RIGHT NOW to Andi or iOS for it. Secondly, Google knew that if they provide their services people would have immediately attracted to buy such a lovely Lumia Device for sure. However we have plenty of 3rd party Google service apps which has the needful capabilities for people who are familiar with. And one more thing, I used Android Once when Microsoft were in verge to announce WP 8 and was in need to buy phone, I use windows and Microsoft services since 10.5years, in android I was not able to retrieve my contacts the way I have on outlook and doesn't even sync after placing it in right manner.. I never use to receive mails on time. I was not getting better integration of OneDrive even after downloading from play store. Point m trying to say Google integrates well on android and so Windows services works flawlessly on windows- either have to sacrifice. So I feel it's not an issue for anyone. In fact I was impressed by Metrotube-a third party app for youtube. I challenge they would have never would have made it for their own same.
    #10 I didn't knew that HTC would not have here map services. I highly rely on Here Map and drive+. Well let me share my experience, It worked fast accurate and precise, consumes less battery, it syncs places across devices, and ice on the cake-offline map is seriously rocking feature with turn by turn voice guided .navigation.
    well nice Pros and Cons, and m sure that Microsoft will work hard to give you Windows phone 8.1 update asap.
    08-26-2014 10:13 AM
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