1. Rakesh Karpurapu1's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    Hope every one are having rocking time with windows phone 8 devices..

    i have recently bought HTC 8X, i was completely in love with it for the first few days then started my actual struggles in find my fave-rote apps..
    i am a heavy user of VIP services..i often use nymgo to call my home country but couldn't able to find it in store. did some re-search and found mobile voip supports action voip and configured the same. it has worked perfectly for first few days. since last night onward wp8 is back with it sown problems.

    1) After opening the app, with in few seconds it gets closed. it will show the initial screen and closes automatically with in few seconds..

    does any one faced the same problem. can some on through a light on how to solve this problem.(i tried un-install and re-installing it)..
    01-23-2013 07:57 AM
  2. Shebin09's Avatar
    I cant choose a provider and sign up and start colling in mobilevoip someone help me how to work this out in my htc 8x
    04-19-2013 11:07 AM

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