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Everything worked perfectly for about 6 years, just after one game was started, everything went south.

The computer specifics are:
Processor: AMD fx 4100
Graphics card: MSI 7750
Motherboard: Gigabyte-GA-78LMT-S2

So, everything worked well, then a few days ago one game from Steam was started and it resulted with black screen and reboot. The first symptom was strange letters in DOS window like some of the letters are ok, some are like hieroglyphs. Then windows will show logo and on the next screen, there will be info that windows 10 can not be loaded. Every attempt to start system will result in the same error. The only way to load system is in the safe mode.

I have placed a brand new SSD and install Windows 10 downloaded from Microsoft. And this is what I have found so far:

- The system will be installed properly, without any issues. The problem will start at the moment when windows update tries to install the graphics card driver. Everything mentioned above will start all over again.
- If the system is rebooted in Safe mode and graphics card is uninstalled, the system will boot up normally to the point when graph card drivers are installed.
- If I disable system update, the system will work with windows generic drivers and if I try to install drivers manually, it will break at some point and go all over again with restarts and errors.
- If on processor graphics is enabled and MSI card is removed, everything is working like a charm. The moment MSI is back, no matter that an integrated card is used, the system will not work.

What I have done so far:
- All pins on motherboard and graphics card are checked, no issues.
- MSI card is tested in another computer and working fine (Intel processor, which is maybe important)
- The processor is fine, memory ok, hard disk is new and works great
- BIOS on the motherboard has been updated to the latest, tried with different settings, nothing.
- When using the MSI card, the integrated one is disabled in BIOS
- Not able to find another PCI16 card since nobody has a desktop computer.

What I suspect of:

Since there are 2 AMD cards, maybe drivers are trying to make some kind of "togetherness" mode, and since for some reason there is a problem with MSI one, this doesn't work.

Can anybody have a clue what is happening and should I buy a new graphics card?


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Nov 13, 2013
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What was the game that caused this? It definitely sounds like you may need a new graphics card. Is your existing graphics card powerful enough to run your game? If not, then it may crash. From what you have said, and because your PC works fine using onboard graphics, your graphics card definitely sounds at fault.

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