1. Dan Kaler's Avatar

    I am having an issue with my HTC 8x and the store app. I currently received a replacement phone, because my previous one had some software issues. I'm thinking my new one may have similar issues. On my new phone I did a system restore, to restore all my previous setting and apps. Now however, my store says that I have 9 updates. When I click on the updates, there are 9 different items that say, downloading application, attention required, tap here. When I click on each of the apps I get an error message saying "There is a problem completing your request. Try again later" error code:8000ffff.

    Has anyone had this issues or know how to fix it? I have given it 2 days now and nothing has changed. I have also tried on both a wifi network and the 4G network.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    03-13-2013 08:09 AM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    Have you tried doing a soft reset?
    03-13-2013 09:08 AM
  3. Dan Kaler's Avatar
    Yes, I tried a soft reset. It did not solve the issue.
    03-15-2013 08:25 AM
  4. dinesh84d's Avatar
    This error is majorly due to updates installed previously. While resetting/restoring the device all the updates gets reversed to factory OS defaults.

    Considering the server is having issue (since past month or so) not to auto update apps (it is doing on scheduled basis).

    I suggest, cancel these errors and wait for the store to auto update the apps in your phone.

    As an alternate you can search for links for system app updates (e.g. audio, accessories, access point, here maps,etc.) released recently on WPcentral.

    I presume this solves the query.
    03-20-2013 11:19 PM
  5. larrykistler's Avatar
    Sorry to say so, but no, this answer seems not to be a solution since I just encountered the same error code on eight applications and they will not go away.

    I reset my Nokia Lumia 822 yesterday, June 29, 2013, and these error codes are a real nuisance.

    If anyone has come up with any additional information since the post before mine, I would really appreciate hearing the specifics of a fix.
    07-01-2013 08:55 PM
  6. Drunky McNuggets's Avatar
    I have the same error and the link below worked for me

    Common Windows Store error codes
    01-23-2014 02:05 AM
  7. LouWest's Avatar
    I have Nokia icon and had the same issue. Had 4 apps and when I went to marketplace to try and reinstall, turned out that they all weren't in the store any more. MSNBC, Yahoo were among the missing or not available.
    03-14-2014 07:34 AM

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