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    Hey Everyone,

    First off, I'm new to the Windows Central Community, but this seems to be where most of the talk or concern about the HTC Sense TV app is. I wanted to fill everyone on some of my knowledge, hopefully providing some insight to everyone else looking to the internet for an answer.

    History: As you are all aware, HTC pulled support for the app at the turn of the month. Turning to the internet, HTC referred people to the Peel TV app (A friend of mine with an Android HTC One M8 and I downloaded the app on her phone In my opinion, it actually works a little better than our version of HTC Sense TV did, but I digress). There were multiple articles in fact from the first week of April with statements from HTC that Peel will be available for the M8, never mentioning only Android, or a different app for WP, and heavily implying there would be something new for both markets. So we all collectively searched 'Peel' or 'Peel TV' or even 'Remote' in the app store to find absolutely nothing. On May 2nd, Windows Central posted an article describing that any Peel App is currently M.I.A. from Windows users, and as of May 5th, 2015, that appears to still be the case. Like many of you, I am upset, this app was one of my most used. (If you were unaware, it could also be used to control projectors, really useful if a teacher is giving a boring lecture and you're a prankster like myself).

    Information: Not finding anything on the internet about Peel or any other app for the HTC One M8 for Windows, as well seeing other people just as upset as I was, I decided to go to the source. First, I posted on the facebook page of both HTC USA and then HTC (I'd link, but I get an error every time I try to, new user problems). Then I sent an e-mail to the Public Relations team of HTC North America posing as a writer for my community college newspaper, and giving a fake deadline to file in hopes of a timely response. I then figured, hey, why not do the exact same thing to Peel, see what they know. Peel's PR team responded within two hours (which I think is impressive). Below is a copy and paste between myself and Peel's PR


    Thanks for reaching out. We have no current plans to support Windows phones but we would not rule this out in the future. As a start-up with a relatively small team, we need to focus resources where we can get the biggest bang, so the focus for us is on Android, and then iOS. For our app to work to its fullest, it is important that the phone itself include an IR blaster. A number of the Android phone manufacturers, including Samsung, HTC, TCL and a dozen others have agreed to build this into their phones. Were a Windows phone to come onto the market, with a built-in IR blaster and gain significant traction, we would definitely consider supporting it with a Windows version of the Peel Smart Remote app.


    James Ryan
    Head of Marketing
    I'd provide a link to an edited screen shot of my mail, but again, new users can not post links to this forum.

    As you can all see, Peel isn't just behind or delaying the release of an app, they aren't working on it, but they have no plans to develop an app for Windows in the future. Now, this is understandable, why write an app for the WP when Microsoft recently announced that apps written for Android and iOS will be easily transferrable to Windows 10. Especially for a small start-up with limited resources trying to captivate and gain traction in a large market. While yes, the HTC One M8, as well as other phones have the IR blasting capabilities required, as we are all aware, WP users really do not make up a significant share of the market (if we did, we'd probably have snapchat back).

    So is any of this Peel's fault? I wouldn't say so. If they've never had plans to make an app for Windows, I doubt they would have told HTC anything different. I am very comfortable saying that this was an oversight of HTC. Either they never got in contact with Peel to discuss WP (plausible), or they figured that they didn't have enough WP users where they'd consider this any type of customer relations problem. Either way, I'd blame HTC for all of this. HTC's PR eventually responded to my e-mail, but not until after my 'filing deadline', and just said sorry for responding late. I told them I have time to edit or add a quote, and as of now I am still waiting. HTC USA's facebook page has not commented on my FB post or any others as far as I've seen. HTC's Facebook page responded to my question with "Thanks for reaching out to us, Tommy. How exactly were you using the Sense TV app previously?" It took a few days for them to respond, which I'm sure is understandable, and it didn't give any useful information, but as far as I have seen, it is the first public acknowledgement by HTC of the lack of remote for Windows Phones.

    If I receive any more responses from HTC, I'll be sure to update you all here. Sorry for the long post.

    EDIT 1 (5/7/15 9:35 a.m. CST): This morning I received a response on a comment I made on HTC USA's facebook page.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, Tommy. We appreciate your patience as we wait for the application to become available on the windows phone market. In the meantime, you can try out third party TV remote application on the market.
    This seems to indicate further that HTC hasn't spoken with Peel about a windows app, and they are most likely just waiting for Windows 10 to be released on phones and have apps ported over to the One M8 and the One X (I believe these are the only two windows phones HTC makes). This is upsetting on multiple levels. 1. We all have to wait an as of now undetermined time until Windows 10 is released, and then possibly that much longer for the app to be ported over to Windows 10. 2. We (WP users) are being deliberately ignored because of our lack of market share. This reminds me of Snapchat. While Snapchat has taken measures to not allow WP users to use their application or third party reasons, some WP users and developers gave them good reason to do so. The lack of support for Sense TV from HTC on the other hand was an exclusive feature that lead many people, including myself, to purchase the One M8 instead of other phones. When I bought the One M8, I did so because I wanted a phone that could do this, that was available on Verizon, and that was running Windows. If I had to make a decision between a phone running Windows 8.1 or a phone with a running TV remote, I may have gone with Android.

    I know self promotion is often frowned upon, but if you're signed up for the Windows Central Forums, please like or thank or comment to get this thread promoted in search engines, and help spread the information to other users. The more of us who demonstrate that we are a consumer market that wants to be taken seriously, the more likely we will be taken seriously. You can also hound HTC's facebook and twitter pages asking why they are actively choosing to ignore us. While I'd speculate that the app has lost support because of the cost associated with constantly acquiring and updating channel programming for the app, we as a community can display that it is more expensive to have poor customer satisfaction.

    As far as solutions go, I know there are many small and independent app developers that focus on the Windows Community, but my hands down favorite who I believe produces the highest quality apps is Rudy Huyn. If anyone know how to get in contact with him, or if we can display a high enough interest, maybe he'll develop a replacement app for all of us.

    Finally (sorry for the long post and edit), I'd like to know what you guys used more in the HTC Sense TV app, the remote control side such as powering a TV on or off, changing channels, volume, or input, or did you use the What's On Now, the TV Guide like feature of the app? There may be a better way to create polls on Windows Central that I'm unaware of since I'm still new here, but I'd like to see what was more popular, and if you care to elaborate how so. How did everyone use the app? Anything out of the ordinary? I for one programmed a room to the projectors in my school, and whenever I wanted to prank a teacher or was just bored or experience death by power point, would turn off the projector. Most of the class thought the thing was just breaking, some knew I did it, but didn't know how I did it, and a few who I had explained it to tried to contain their laughter while the professor attempted to figure out what was broken (once the IT guys came in to take a look at the projector, and they got really frustrated!).

    Again, sorry for the long post, the long edit, and thank you guys for the likes thanks and comments.
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    Tommy, thanks for keeping us updated! Please do let us know if you hear anything further.
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    05-06-2015 11:06 PM
  3. sebastian6912's Avatar
    Thanks, wait for your further update.
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    05-07-2015 12:05 AM
  4. sayyadina's Avatar
    Thank you Tommy!!!
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    05-07-2015 03:39 PM
  5. Br1t's Avatar
    This is pretty low even by HTC standards, I'm as miffed as anyone. If rudy was to jump in I would be happy to pay a few bucks to get the remote features back again!

    Thanks for the effort there fella and welcome to the WPC forums!
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    05-07-2015 03:59 PM
  6. Tommy Molitor's Avatar
    Br1t, I'm completely with you. I'd understand his hesitation since it wouldn't be of use to all of the WP world, but I'd surely throw a few bucks his way

    Edit: meant to say wouldn't, not would
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    05-07-2015 04:54 PM
  7. bunky1971's Avatar
    Tommy, that is some write up. Great work. I really enjoyed the Sense TV 📺 deal. I'd hope this artice gets traction and goes viral so the powers that be move faster than slower.
    I'm in too for throwing a few $ for something that would work in a similar fashion.
    05-08-2015 06:10 PM
  8. redeyss's Avatar
    I would added $$ to a 3rd party app. Just want remote function, don't care about guide functions.
    05-09-2015 08:41 PM
  9. Mallguvner's Avatar
    I'm getting bored with my bank going away and now Sense Tv. I didn't use it that much but it was a lifesaver when I'd bring my Dish down to the camper and forget the remote... I guess I'll get another Android or a second Apple if this doesn't turn the corner soon...
    05-15-2015 12:02 AM
  10. redeyss's Avatar
    I called HTC today, waiting for a call back from supervisor. I will ask that they replace my M8 with an android version so I regain this function and feel like this is a warranty issue. Phone doesn't work as advertised!
    Sent from my M8.
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    05-19-2015 02:46 PM
  11. Kevin Hill2's Avatar
    I called HTC today, waiting for a call back from supervisor. I will ask that they replace my M8 with an android version so I regain this function and feel like this is a warranty issue. Phone doesn't work as advertised!
    Sent from my M8.
    The Andriod M8 does not have Sense TV anymore either.
    05-20-2015 11:14 AM
  12. DrRyder's Avatar
    The Andriod M8 does not have Sense TV anymore either.
    Yes, but they have the Peel app now to replace it. We have nothing.
    05-20-2015 12:46 PM
  13. sixseven's Avatar
    Questions for someone that has or has seen both android versions of this?

    Was the Android Sense TV app a rebranded Peel app? Or was it an HTC app that was using peel services?

    I am wondering who owns the code to the now-defunct Windows Phone Sense TV app? If Peel wrote the WP Sense TV app for HTC, then its shouldn't require much effort to rerelease it as the Peel app. HTC should pay them to do this.

    If HTC wrote the WP Sense TV app, they should give the code to Peel and pay for any development costs to bring it back up to speed and have it released.

    There is an app that works for Windows Phone. It's just been disabled. It shouldn't be hard to re-enable it.
    05-22-2015 11:35 AM

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