09-18-2017 06:35 PM
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  1. Wayne Weiler's Avatar
    15245 didn't fix anything. Still same problems: rotation issues, random screen locks, lost One Drive so had to delete the App and reinstall, Weather wasn't working after update but is now, generally reboots fix everything, etc., etc. I have another week before I have to use my new Moto or send it back so looks like I'll be going to the Moto next week since Windows still isn't fixing anything with their updates and I've given them another month since I received the new Moto hoping they would since BAP is now fixed.
    08-29-2017 10:20 PM
  2. daveb673's Avatar
    In my experience, build 15245 is even worse. The screen rotation seems to be better, but I've had 3 random phone reboots that I'm aware of, the same number of phone lockups. Way back at 15063 was better, if I recall correctly. Sigh. I just about did a full reset back to Windows Phone 8.1 over the weekend, cuz I was getting fed up...but I decided to reboot and take a breath first.
    At least the camera takes pictures correctly now, instead of being locked into the wrong orientation like builds 15240 and/or 15237. Which reminds me, the selfie camera caused a crash also this weekend.
    09-11-2017 09:57 PM
  3. Wayne Weiler's Avatar
    Dave...I'm now using the new Moto z2 Android. I've spent days, probably 80 hrs, getting it set up. Everything that doesn't work, which there are a lot of "known" bugs, Google says to install another App. but many of them conflict with the Android software so I fix one issue only to have another. I could give you a long list of crazy things this new Android doesn't do compared to W10. Obviously they don't want to do their own software development so they rely on 3rd party Apps to fix their problems. During problem research, many of their bugs are months & years old with no fixes. The only good thing is there are tons of Apps compared to W10. I now have 123 Apps installed trying to get the phone to do things my HTC W10 did. I hate this phone.

    Though this has little to do with this W10 forum.... my suggestion; stick with W10 as long as you can. The problems I had with W10, other than BAP, where no worse than this new Android but the benefits of W10 out weight the negatives.
    09-11-2017 10:24 PM
  4. daveb673's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice. The good news about build 15245 is it looks like the store got fixed. And my camera rotation was normal. Build 15250 installed overnight...
    09-13-2017 06:58 PM
  5. daveb673's Avatar
    15250 was better than 245. I'd leave a longer list of eval, but it wasn't a couple days after 250 got installed that 252 arrived. The annoying text overlay issue got resolved with 252. In 250, occasionally I'd see one text message listed directly on top of another one. Had to leave messages and then go back in, and that'd clear it.
    One thing I have noticed: if I lock rotation with my phone and take a picture, the camera locks rotation of the picture. not sure if that's good or bad.
    09-18-2017 06:35 PM
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