1. WayCool's Avatar
    So.. I'm at my limit... if VZW doesnt announce something this week.. I'm looking at the AT&T alternative.. and looking at the coverage maps.. there doesnt seem to be a ton of difference...

    My question is... how real are the maps ? I mean.. its one thing to say town/city X has complete broadband coverage.. and another thing to actually be there and have service.. ?

    Obviously there's the whole 4G/LTE debate.. as VZW traditionally moves alot faster than AT&T IMO.. but for the right now... I'm thinking I may be able to tolerate AT&T..

    Anyone in a rural area of the west make the switch ? What did you find ??
    04-11-2011 10:15 AM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I'm just curious is Sprint not an option?
    04-11-2011 10:31 AM
  3. cdook's Avatar
    I've never dropped a call with Verizon ever (I'm serious). At my house I've got a weak signal with AT&T and have dropped calls here and there. Data speeds seem the same or faster compared to Verizon. I would still say I'm happy with AT&T. All my friends have it so I never use minutes talking to them.

    Unless you live in the middle of nowhere you probably don't have to worry what carrier you choose. You could always go to a store and ask how coverage is in your area. And see if you can try the service before you get locked in.

    I feel your pain. I waited until February for Verizon to get a WP7 phone and finally got sick of the wait and jumped ship. The Focus was the phone I really wanted anyway so I'm happy.
    04-11-2011 11:39 AM
  4. WayCool's Avatar
    Eh.. Sprint's coverage is lacking pretty badly here.. and I'm not just worried about right where I live.. because most of the carriers have decent coverage in town.. its when I travel around the state that is a problem.. their coverage is pretty spotty..

    The other issue is I dont think I would switch for the 7 Pro... I dont really care for a keyboard at all :(
    04-11-2011 11:43 AM
  5. malachijd's Avatar
    For me at&t doesn't have the coverage I need my parents live in a small town 5 miles from where I live and at&t has really spotty coverage there it dies 1 block before I get to my parents home
    04-11-2011 06:35 PM
  6. HeyCori's Avatar
    I'm thinking about switching to T-Mobile (which may soon be ATT anyway). T-Mobile has better customer service, and the Venue Pro should be a great phone after Dell pushes out the firmware update. However, once me and my girl move in together we may both switch to Sprint.
    04-11-2011 07:52 PM