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Dave Blake
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  • Dave i'm in Zimbabwe and i bought a lumia 710 but its not downloading videos and pictures on whatsapp and if i visit the app centre it tells me that i cant download stuff coz im in an unsupported region and i managed to download the whatsapp but it took me two weeks to download it and the other major problem i have with the fon is that my mobile data connection isnt workin on other applications its only working on whatsapp and im now receiving this error message about my push notifications what do i do or should i just change the phone coz i'v lost hope
    I just want to confirm if you received my reply to your message, because I didn't see it in the "sent items" folder.
    Please get a message to ask Daniel Rubino if the SDK shows if Windows phone 8 has text reflow in the browser?
    Was today's HTC announcement enough to get you to pick one up? They look pretty damn nice, and I've really liked what I've seen from the "hands on" videos.

    On another note, I really like the way the WPCentral app is shaping up, thanks for giving me the opportunity to test it!!
    Hey Dave,
    My names Thomas. I was trying to update my HD7 to 8107. I'm reading the forum and see your online. I'm not good with computer at all. Do you have the time to walk me thru it? If so Thanks if not i understand
    Hey dave i had posted twice about my game i believe the title is [Free 2D shooter]. sorry for the double post, one has the link for my game in it and that is the post i would like to be submitted. thank you
    Dave, do we have any kind of "trading post" where we can list devices that we are interested in selling? For instance, I've got an Int'l Lumia 800 that I don't want. Figured I'd ask folks in the Lumia forum if they were interested in it.

    @h11wiscan other than your PM I got 5 minutes ago, that I have already responded to, I have never heard anything from you.
    Hi Dave,

    I have posted a message on the thread PrimeTube BETA indicating that beta testing is closed. You can go ahead and close the thread. Thank you.

    Could you please sticky the poll I started on Nokia 900 page if you don't mind? It will be of help if we can get more votes..The poll is for 7 days.

    Before buying Lumia 900 what was your previous dominant OS platform?
    Hi there, can you change my user name (carlbytes.blogspot.com) to Carl Bytes. I'm using carlbytes@gmail.com.

    I also own the username Carl Bytes using a different e-mail (carlbytes1@gmail.com)

    I don't know if you should be thanking me for the amount of page views and time spent on the site I've gotten for you recently, or if I should apologize to you because of the stupid S the knuckleheads who have chimed in on my posts have written!

    Either way, I LOVE THIS FORUM!! Never had this much fun with my iPhone!!
    Hello Big D5,
    The weeBear suggested that I should contact you. I have added a photo to my profile and also one to my signature. Neither is shown when I post. Could you explain why and what to do about it?
    Salutations from Perbear
    Hi Dave, is it too late to request a sticky like you suggested ages ago for the XBox wallpapers ?

    I've added a request link in my signature with the wallpaper samples and it would be good if they were seperate from the post your wallpapers. It always bothers me that they will annoy folk that aren't interested in the XBox wallpapers.

    Just a 'Request your Xbox Live wallpapers' or whatever you think. If you are happy with the way it is no worries Dave, just don't ever wan't to become a nuicance with the wallpapers LOL

    Cheers, David.
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