1. Jakoozie's Avatar

    Can you tell me if I can clean the phone and the screen with alcohol?

    Thank you!
    07-06-2011 02:52 PM
  2. selfcreation's Avatar
    hmm deppends , i dont have an LG so i dunno but here is wat u need to look for.

    if its glass , NO PROBLEM , IF ITS not GLASS DONT USE Alchohol.

    if you have a screen protector DO NOT use alcohol , its just gona scrap it

    the best thing to use is a Wipe for sun glasses , witht he combination of MONSTERSPRAY ( from the company monster ) they make TV cleaners for LCD , it also works good on cells.
    07-18-2011 11:37 AM
  3. Winterfang's Avatar
    Use a soft cloth and rub it in purell.
    07-18-2011 05:36 PM
  4. jimski's Avatar
    All capacitive screens are glass. You can use screen wet wipes, but most of the time one of those microfiber cloths works fine.

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    07-19-2011 12:39 AM
  5. Jakoozie's Avatar
    IF ITS not GLASS DONT USE Alchohol.
    07-23-2011 08:24 AM
  6. Winterfang's Avatar
    ^ I want to know this as well.
    07-23-2011 09:17 AM