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  • hey

    the samsung Focus S was comfirmed at 1.4ghz and not 1.5 :)
    thought id let you know so you can fix the forum thread :)
    Hi Guy I've been rather lacks lately it seems I forgot to thank you regarding your kind words regarding my son. It was mistake of the head not the heart please forgive my tardiness in expressing my thanks.
    on Another issue here is something that might be of interested a rumor bot not a vicious rumor. There appears to be a move among some in the OS field to counter what maybe the biggest coup by MS. According to the rumor it is an effect to put the complete Metro meaning Windows 8 without the desktop call onto Windows Phone 8,using the Metro to call desktop from anywhere by simply connecting to your network. FWIW
    is there a walkthrough on flashing for noobs anywhere? i want the 7720 build but have never messed with wp7 , very famliar with process though... had several rooted androids
    Nope sorry brow we don't do that here. Some day if there is enough interest I might start a forum for individual sales but at this time there just isn't enough people out there looking for it to make it worth the hassle. With site like Craig's and eBay few people are doing this sort of thing through forums these days.
    Sorry if this is answered somewhere on here and I turn out to just look like a lazy fool, but, is there a place to buy or trade used devices on here? I know a lot of forums have threads, but I didn't see any. Long story short, I am desperately trying to get my hands on a HTC Arrive. Thanks in advance. -Anthony
    I didn't know you lived in Texas. I'm kind of far away and don't have much occasion to go to Dallas. But I am visiting Austin soon, so that's something! :)
    hi how would i go about getting my username changed as i accidentally typed my email address as my username >_<


    Yes it is posted correctly and I would like to help you but I don't have the answer to your Question I was hoping someone else in the community might have the answer.
    I had posted a question in the new Q&A thread for the touch pro 2, and was wondering if i posted it correctly.
    I was thinking of maybe getting the T-Mobile version of TP2. Your comments on the battery life were very useful but I wondered what your other comments are on this phone. Once upon a time I had WinMo devices but not for a very long time. I've read many of the reviews on this phone but wondered what were its strongest and weakest features.
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