1. mikepalma's Avatar
    I updated my Band2. Now I have the subcategories "under" the Exercise Tile. But how do I access these subcategories.
    For example, I have Weighlifting. When I start he workout on the Band, there is no choice fo select this subcategory of Exercise??
    12-11-2015 04:06 AM
  2. driedl's Avatar
    Select the workout tile on your band but don't press the action button yet. The word "Exercise" will be in grey. Click on it and scroll to the exercise you want. Select that exercise, then press the action button to start recording
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    12-12-2015 05:34 AM
  3. indiW's Avatar
    Addition to above, in the actual App you can create up to 5 different activities, for example I created, Biceps&Triceps, Legs, etc coz depending on the day I train different areas of the body.
    I thought that was a good thinking from MS band team, I would go a step further, I would like to see above activities having different colours (custom) on the monthly calendar so the user can have a quick glance also can change the training routine.

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    12-13-2015 02:17 AM
  4. richxps's Avatar
    I'm sorry but I don't get the above, I clicked on the workout tile the chart and weight time and I don't have a option to choose a workout or to even add any?
    12-13-2015 02:32 PM
  5. indiW's Avatar
    It comes under managing tiles, in that edit your exercise (one with a dumbell)
    Once you go to that, at the bottom you will see customise, add up to 5 stuff you do and then it will synchronise with the band,

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    12-14-2015 12:17 AM

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