1. EMitchell's Avatar
    I haven't had an alert show up on my band since 12.28. It's still sync'd to my phone, I can see steps, calories, sleep data, etc. but no alerts. I've tried shutting phone and band off, I've reset my band to factory defaults and re-connected it to the phone via the health app, etc. Any other suggestions?
    01-03-2016 01:20 AM
  2. driedl's Avatar
    Check your settings on your band to see if you inadvertantly turned do not disturb on.
    01-04-2016 07:51 AM
  3. skiflyer's Avatar
    What's your operating system? If it's android and you've recently gotten an update on your phone there's a reasonable chance that you have a new security system.

    On my version of android (6.0.1 no vendor skin) Settings->Sound & Notifications->App notifications->Notification Access, make sure Microsoft Health is turned on. Note, this is not App Notifications, but Notification Access.

    Hope that helps.
    01-05-2016 06:11 PM
  4. EMitchell's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm running Windows OS on a 950 phone. I finally uninstalled the MS Health app from my phone and reinstalled it, then reconnected the Band. This solved the problem. Not sure why I could still sync up sleep data, exercise data, etc, but not get alerts, but now it appears resolved.
    01-06-2016 08:28 AM

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