01-16-2017 10:13 PM
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  1. ashram's Avatar
    This situation quite sucks. My Band 2 (2nd one) was sent in 2 weeks ago for a split band again... luckily still had a week of warranty, but it's still in the "repair" phase. I actually loved the Band 2 and used the keyboard feature a lot (in meetings and whatnot)

    To my knowledge, no other fitness band/smart watch has that feature on Windows 10 phone, so no idea what I am going to do. If they manage to replace it, then I should have another 6 months before the band breaks again (last one started to tear 6 months in, and so did the replacement) and if they don't, the the search for something new begins, which I am not looking forward to.
    01-09-2017 12:44 AM
  2. ATAcapt's Avatar
    I am using the iPhone 6. The app does not need to be running.
    01-09-2017 06:39 AM
  3. littlebib's Avatar
    Well, my Band (almost exactly 1 year old) is just about to split. I see the tell-tale line in the rubber at exactly the right spot. I purchased from Best Buy and got the replacement plan which should give me my money back. As I noted earlier in this thread, it will be the Apple Watch for me if they are ever back in stock. It appears the holidays wiped everyone out. Hopefully my Band will last another week or so as that's when it looks like stock will be coming back in (Nike version says it will ship on 1/20 from BB). I really wish there would have been a Band 3. But, alas, it wasn't meant to be. I've talked to a few people with the Apple Watch and they have been very happy with it.
    01-11-2017 02:06 PM
  4. evillama's Avatar
    Began to see the same tell-tale ripping signs (inside-wrist part of Band #6, so that was new). Hadn't actually "started" tearing yet so tonight I went to the local mall MS Store where last November they said they had "plenty" of replacements left. I guess everybody's been depleting them coz they said they were out - and offered me the Fitbit coupon. Decided I'd wait for GATT support in the Creators Update (no idea why I'm still on this Titanic).

    My "temporary" solution is to place tape across the rubber, hoping it will "hold" it together strongly enough to prevent tearing (or at least from getting worse.) Starting with black electrical tape as it doesn't look "too" bad, but I'll move to good-old duct tape if necessary. I placed another strip on the opposite side, just short of the Windows logo.
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    01-16-2017 10:13 PM
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