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    I had issues day one with my 950 XL. Overheating, random shutdowns without turning back on, etc. I did everything including the device recovery too. I finally decided to return my original pre-order from Microsoft and purchased one from B&H Photo Video. I've had the new one since Thursday. Not one random shutdown, no overheating, when it does get hot it quickly cools when I stop the hot function (like gaming), and battery life is now acceptable.

    My advice is if you are having problems, just return it. If Microsoft has problems getting one device to work consistently on Windows 10, just exchange it until you get one that does work. I wasted so much time trying to fix my original one. Let Microsoft deal with refurbishing and reselling. These bugs and inconsistencies should not be the consumer's problem.
    12-21-2015 10:03 AM
  2. TechFreak1's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your experiences, as it helps people gauge what's really happening as opposed to just relying and using anecdotal evidence as a blanket fact.
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    12-21-2015 10:57 AM
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    If someone reads this thread, I just realized that is not the thread title I submitted. I did not do a warranty exchange. I returned the original to Microsoft store and purchased elsewhere as they had no stock. I was not going to work on a warranty claim on a device still in its return period.
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    01-14-2016 10:08 AM

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