Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Throttling SOLVED

Chip Delozier

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Nov 28, 2018
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This is not a question but a solution I needed to share after working on it for YEARS!!!!

See below...

After extensive googling and research on a painfully intermittent throttling Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 8GB 256GB SSD I have finally figured out what may have solved my problem... This used to effect me every couple of minutes endlessly on hot and cold CPUs. It would happen within minutes of a cold boot and would continue endlessly...

I tried all the options. Measured my temps. Watch the Intel Extreme Tuning charts. I refreshed. I reinstalled Windows on a clean formatted drive. I checked for memory and disk hardware issues... No relief...

Microsoft's troubleshooter gave many suggestions. For some stupid reason I brushed the following one off as how could this be related? That was my bad (for over a year I ignored this one). FAST STARTUP!!!!! TURN IT OFF. It does not slow boot time at all to turn it off and since making that change I have not seen any problem and have worked for the last 3 hours with near 0 signs of throttling.

I will note that putting the laptop under a CPU stress test shows throttling after several minutes of 100% CPU but it should. A burn in is built to stress the system and is not indicative of normal usage or temperatures.

Thank you Microsoft for having the right answer in your troubleshooter. I really wish I payed more attention to it.

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