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    If you want to install the latest build on the Dual sim 950 XL follow the below instructions. I have installed on my device and its working fine without issues. I had many problems like most apps not opening, mobile data settings wouldn't open, store not installing apps, text messages not being sent etc. Most of these issues didn't appear after performing these steps. Hope these will help you too.

    VERY IMP: Still there is issue with mobile data. If you switch on the mobile data then all these issues appear again. So if you can survive on WIFI and are desperate to use this build then go ahead.

    1. Switch off your Mobile data and remove the second sim from the device
    2. Install the Windows Insider app and activate fast ring
    3. Install the update from the updates and security setting
    4. Let the phone settle after update (Updating apps, restoring data etc)
    5. Now try opening apps and settings. Al apps will be opening without issues.
    6. Now you can insert the second sim back into the device.

    As i said if you switch on the mobile data then all those issues will appear again. So be careful

    It may also work for other dual sim phones.

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    06-19-2016 02:12 AM
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    Have updated my 950 XL dual sim with both sim in but (because am not actually in my country) date is turned off on both sim and I use only WIFI

    Ho new issues.

    Am back in my country end of next week and hope MS release before a new with that bug fixed and as usual new comming!
    06-19-2016 12:52 PM

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