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    As mentioned in this thread that a field test app gets installed during the out of box experience.

    When I initially got the L950 XL, only a handful of LTE bands were selected in the app. However I don't have that screenshot and I was able to pin the app to the start screen. But with the new store update you can't.

    However, we can now share the app so without further ado this is the link to the field test app:

    So this means we can pin a custom tile using a tile creator app and pin the "website" for easy launching.

    Now what does this app do exactly?

    Well, it contains a tonnne of data which I will not posting except the relevant screenshots (as they contain very key identifying information - therefore i would suggest no one posts any screenshots about their phone other than the default bands that are ticked off or not).

    Installed during OOBE:


    Field Test App:

    The last box at the end is for SIM related parameters, however what we really need is band locking and system info, the latter is to only confirm if VoLTE is indeed supported.


    The former - Band locking is the most important as it confirms what bands are supported by your phone, the ones you can enable or enabled by default.


    As you can see by default, Band 41 is disabled for me which I enabled - Just incase Microsoft wishes to remove our access to this very erm "engineer" focused app lol.
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    10-06-2018 06:53 PM
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    thanks very much.
    10-07-2018 12:56 AM
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    There is an earlier version of the field test app too. Came on the Nokia models and some of the earlier Microsoft Lumias. You can add that one too to your upload if you want. Let me know if you need that package.

    Edit: Actually, I wonder if this one from the store determines the version needed and installs the needed one automatically?...realizing this is the one from the store, and not your personal down load lol...
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    10-08-2018 09:38 AM
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    Well, it looks like Microsoft has fundamentally has changed how store links are handled. You now have to login every single time you use APP url on the phone or any other windows device. Which poses a major issue if you have to hard reset your phone and use a slack app link for example as it defaults to the desktop version, so to reinstall slack you have to reinstall it from your app library.

    Furthermore, some of you may not be able to launch the field test app this way either as the launch button may not even appear.

    So for example, when you tap on the field test url or create custom tile using the url, it will divert you to a login page and once logged you may get the message under the app tile (this app is not available for your device).

    If you have not update your store app (it still just says store and not Microsoft Store) you're fine, however if you have update the store app the only way to launch the field test app is to uninstall every single app until you see the field test app in the recently updated list - that is the only damn way... lol..

    I found that out when I had to take out the msd card for to transfer some photos and somehow the pc i was transferring the photos to damage some sectors on the msd card. So I had to reinstall every single app after uninstalling them, as the o/s doesn't handle removed app directories very well...

    @nate0 thanks, that would be helpful.
    11-09-2018 09:00 AM

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