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    I don't think I'm being repetitive when I say the Microsoft Unlocked Lumia 950 does not have a dual SIM capability. I chatted with two MS Experts online and found that the option is not available on this current production run. This runs contrary to the instructional SIM insertion YouTube video for the 950. It is also contrary to the tech specs for the phone since right next to Connectivity on one MS site (Store Pull Down) where it says "Dual Nano SIMs." However, in another MS site (Products Pull Down) for the 950 say nothing about "dual."

    So, I'll wait until the dual SIM 950 comes out. The 950XL apparently does have two SIM slots but I don't want a phablet.

    B&H is taking pre-orders for dual SIM 950's and saying they're expected by 12/15.

    My $0.02 (USD) and worth every penny.

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    Sounds like you encountered some confusion about the topic. All I can tell you is I just walked into a Microsoft retail store today and snagged their last unlocked Lumia 950 that wasn't held for pre-order people. It definitely has dual SIM card slots under the battery, and even took me a minute to realize why it has two phone shortcuts on the home screen. It has one icon with a little 1 in it, and the other has a little 2 in it, to denote which SIM card I guess. Also on top of the notification bar there is continuously an empty SIM card icon with the 2 in the icon.

    Not sure when you would use two sim cards or what the benefit is, but for me it seems to unnecessarily complicate things and add clutter to the display.
    11-25-2015 11:56 PM
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    Its better to wait instead of relying based on information from a MS sales experts. They clearly dont have clue some times whats going on with their products and when you ask them, they just read from the same page which you see online.
    11-25-2015 11:58 PM
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    The microsoftstore.com product page says that the unlocked 950 has "Dual Nano SIM".

    Those who picked up Lumia 950s at the Microsoft Store retail locations today took photos of their dual SIM phones. Here is a post including a photo of the box which says "Dual SIM" on the side. Replace "dot" with periods.

    If you order online from microsoftstore.com, you're guaranteed a Lumia 950 by spec. If you go to a Microsoft Store, you will know that the phone is Dual SIM before you check out because of the large "Dual SIM" text on the box. Either way, picking up the unlocked Lumia 950 is a safe bet.
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