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    I'd just like to apologise in advance I this post comes off a bit ranty, I'm kinda annoyed at this point and just need to vent a little.

    So, I'm in New Zealand and was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to order a 950. On the 17th of November both the 950 and the XL were available for preorder through the MS Store, so I put my order in. Expected shipping date: December 8th.

    Fast forward to the 8th, the status of my order had not changed so I contacted the Microsoft Store chat support. The person I spoke to assured me that it would ship that day.

    I check again the next day (9th) and it still hasn't shipped, so I contact support again. This time I'm told that they will need to work with their "Higher Level of Support" to give me a reason for the delay. I was told I would receive an email within 24 hours with a follow up. They could not provide me any more information.

    2 days later (11th) I still had not received a followup email, so I contact support a third time. I'm told again that the case is with still with "higher support" and they are "still investigating". This time I'm told to wait 24-72 hours for an email response.

    Another 2 days later (13th) I receive an email from someone with "Microsoft Global Escalation Service" (HUZZAH!). I'm told they are currently conducting an investigation, which will take up to 2 days. They said I will get a follow up on Thursday (17th) with an update on the status of my order.

    Now I thought I was making some progress here so I went to reply to this email and thank the person for the response and answer a few of their questions. However, the delivery of my reply failed. So, at this stage, it looks like I have no way of communicating back to the person trying to help me with this issue.

    Anyone in the same or similar boat? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    I haven't dealt with support this atrocious in a while...

    /end rant
    12-13-2015 05:49 PM

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