1. YKinase's Avatar
    Since day 1 on my Lumia 950 - unlocked, the screen brightness settings are not sticking. When I wake the phone from sleep (but not always) the screen is very bright. I have to manually switch through the screen brightness on the quick nav panel - 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% - 25% in order to get it to stick at 25%. Sometimes the auto brightness needs to be flipped off then on again for it to work. It is very inconsistent and I can't really figure out how to reproduce this.

    In Battery Use, my Display uses 69.2% of the battery, even with my obsessive reset of the screen brightness. It was over 75% before I realized the gorgeous screen is partly gorgeous because it's almost retina scarring bright.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I'm debating using WDRT to ensure the firmware isn't corrupted. One additional note: I have the color profile set to Vivd
    12-18-2015 07:51 AM
  2. jayramphone's Avatar
    Yeah - my display is also at about 67% of battery usage. I have actually turned off auto brightness now and am keeping the setting at 20%. Plenty bright enough indoors during the day.

    The only problem is that the quick action brightness setting freezes the phone if used now

    EDIT : quick action does not freeze the phone as such, it just takes ages to take effect and the phone is non responsive whilst making the change.
    12-19-2015 07:34 AM
  3. n7slc's Avatar
    Yeah, mine is the same way. Seems like I'm constantly changing the brightness.
    12-20-2015 02:19 PM

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