02-27-2013 04:27 PM
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    I think the reason BB10 is looked at like revolutionary step from BB OS 7 with a lot of features , because OS 7.0 didn't really have anything comparable to iOS & Android ! OS 7 was built on top of the old platforms that pre-dated the iPhone ! So with the new BB10 they finally got some of the features we take for granted !

    Also , as others said BlackBerry is pushing BB10 soooo hard because their survival is depending on it or they will get bought off like Palm ! Nokia is kinda in the same situation , but they are getting back on their feet slowly !

    If anyone should've learned it is BlackBerry , Microsoft knew that Windows Mobile can't stand a chance against Apple's iOS & they built a new OS from the scratch ! while Nokia & BlackBerry thought their current offering back then can take on the iPhone & that didn't really work out well .
    BB10 with BlackBerry now is like WP7 with Microsoft 2 years ! gotta start from the bottom & work your way up !

    All companies should learn from each other ! thats the key to their success !!!
    Imagine if no other manufacturers followed Cadillac's idea about using keys\ignitions to start the car ! we might be still using the cranks to start the car like toy ...
    02-27-2013 04:27 PM
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