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    At first I was curious like any of you. I have been using iOS and just got tired of the UI, and was seduced by the nice-looking and fluid-using Windows Phone (I also like to be unique and own something not a lot of people have). All the videos made it seem like such a pleasure to use. While I did enjoy a lot of the apps and games on iOS when I was using it I thought I would be okay with the limited app store.

    As I use my WP more and more though, I have grown to be jealous of iPhones and Androids. You don't really loathe the lack of apps until you need an app that WP doesn't have. Like I just bought a Belkin TV which is like a Slingbox. There is a Belkin Player for iOS and Android but not on Windows Phone. I was looking for a very good place shifting solution and Slingbox (they do have an app for WP) gets bad reviews, and doesn't even have wifi for the models unless you spend $300 for the top model. Are you serious? I got my Belkin for $100. Thank god I have an Android tablet, but it would have been great if I could stream on my phone too. The app marketplace is terrible right now, and it won't change in the conceivable future IMO. It's okay to overlook windows phone not having one app, but the culmination of all the times I have went "sucks that it's not on Windows Phone" really adds up.

    Even MS's 1st party apps aren't as good. Take IE for example. No dedicated back/forward button. I'm pretty sure every single browser in history has had a forward button. For some wild reason MS removed it in IE. In order to go forward a page, you have to go to recent pages, it requires THREE presses! It should only require ONE press. Also, same with tabs. There should be a dedicated tabs button as well.

    Calendar app? Sucks. No hybrid view, instead you either have to be in list view or calendar view. Calendar view is completely useless, the appointments are so small, why even show them?

    No true multitasking. Why is it, that if I click on an app, press the back button, then long press it to bring up recently used apps, the app that I just opened isn't on there anymore?

    STILL no notification center, if I get a long text message, I have to leave whatever app I'm in to go to the messages app. On Android or iOS, all I need to do is pull down the notification center, read the message, then go back to what I'm doing. You can go home screen, but live tiles are ONLY good if you put it to medium or double size. So much for "customization" when in order for the functions to work better, you must have your icons on home screen a certain way. Speaking of customization, at first WP looks nice but now it looks just as old and stale as iOS, probably even more so. You can change the colors, that's it. I'm already bored of how it looks.

    My next phone will not be a Windows Phone. I gave it a shot, more than a lot of other people in the world, but it's simply not good enough for me. Anyone else feeling the same way?
    07-12-2013 12:36 AM
  2. a5cent's Avatar
    No true multitasking. Why is it, that if I click on an app, press the back button, then long press it to bring up recently used apps, the app that I just opened isn't on there anymore?
    It sounds like you haven't grasped the concept of multitasking, nor how to use it on WP.

    If you press the back-button, then that closes the app. The app is then gone. Closed. Purged from memory. Killed. No OS in the world allows you to task-switch to a closed app. If you'd prefer that the app stay open, then you can exit the app by any other means except the back-button (windows-button or task switcher).

    As for your other complaints, yes, I understand them, but don't share your view on their importance.
    07-12-2013 01:04 AM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    We have a thread here for listing features available in Android/iOS that one thinks Windows Phone needs.

    This thread is for posting which device one is switching to.

    Please feel free to continue your discussion in one or both of those threads.
    07-12-2013 01:08 AM

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