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    Hi! This is my first time posting on the forums. Thank you in advance for all replies. :)

    I recently upgraded to the Surface 3 from a Surface RT. I was very satisfied with that machine's battery life - I was able to get around 8 hours I believe. I primarily my surface for relatively simple things: facebook, Microsoft word, one note, Netflix, and Spotify for music. I've noticed that my battery seems to drain incredibly fast, and online it seems that others can get around 7 hours on their S3. I haven't used it from 100% -> 0 yet, only periodically, for about a couple hours at a time.

    I've attached a battery report! This is today. untitled.png
    I use 25% brightness! Basically, I started using it around 9:11am, lost 8% in 30 minutes, just browsing the internet (using edge) + word. I didn't use my tablet again until tonight, but 5% was drained in active standby. Everything else after 7pm is just watching some Netflix, some Word, and internet browsing.

    Am I just crazy? Is my battery life normal? Please let me know your thoughts!
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