Surface Pro (5) - weird battery behavior


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Jul 2, 2021
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Hi everyone!

I'm facing an issue with my Surface Pro 5 gen.

A few months ago my battery indicator on taskbar was missing. At that time I have done some steps I found and the problem was solved.

A few days ago when working I check again the missing of the same icon. After some time I quit try to solve the issue again and downloaded the recovery image from MS so I formatted my Surface.

After did this things still no signal of the battery indicator. So I tryed to go deep and for some reason for what I understand my Surface "thinks" is a desktop computer:

- Windows just can't find any battery on my Surface so can't manage power saving as well (auto brittleness etc);
- Can work normally connected to power cable or just with battery;
- Everything works "normal" but as I don't have any battery indicator - windows is working like dektop computer - can't check how many time I have before it shut down (When battery goes out of power Surface just shut down with no warning, no auto save session or something like that is working anymore).

From an non technical view I think something that connects between battery and Windows isn't working normally so Surface know have power but have no way to identify what kind of power source is using.

Anyone with this issue (or know it) can give me a little help, please. I'm out of warranty so can't solve that way.

Thank you!

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