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  1. tomhousecat's Avatar
    Is anyone else having issues connecting other devices over Bluetooth?

    One of the first things I tried to do was connect my Surface to my Titan. They linked up just as usual, with the "Confirm this PIN number" message that always comes up when I pair my phone - but after that, the device lists as "Offline" on the surface and "Not compatible" on the cell phone.

    Sure, maybe they're waiting for 7.8 to have the full compatibility between the two, I tell myself.

    Only now, I'm having the exact same issue with my Bluetooth speakers. They pair up just fine, and then the device is listed as "Offline".

    Some guy here is having the same issue with his jambox.
    Bluetooth Pairs - But Goes Immediately "Offline" with Big - Microsoft Community

    Unfortunately, the only advice offered there is some non-helpful troubleshooting guide advising you to (basically) unplug it then plug it back in again.

    Am I missing some element to link up my devices or what? Would appreciate some help with the issue :(

    Edit for clarity: its a LG LSB316 sound bar that I'm trying to hook up to, and I have fully updated my surface.
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  2. rhalbert10's Avatar
    I paired my Jambox in about 15 seconds with no issues. I have a feeling that a lot of people are not doing the OS update right away and therefore are having problems.
    10-30-2012 01:59 AM