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    The marketing is a little unclear about exactly what you can do with SmartGlass, PlayTo and the Surface RT:

    1) Can the Surface "Play To" a Sony PS3?
    2) Can the Surface "Smartglass" a Netflix viewing session to an Xbox 360?
    3) Is an Xbox Live Gold membership required to watch Netflix on a Xbox 360 via the Surface?
    4) Is an Xbox Live Gold membership required to "SmartGlass" Xbox Music to a Xbox 360?
    5) How about for internet browsing?
    6) Has anyone tried "SmartGlass" or "Play To" with PowerPoint?
    7) Is the Surface more of a wireless controller than a media server when using SmartGlass?
    8) Should I just get a long microHDMI to HDMI cable?

    I checked this out, but it doesn't really answer my questions about what the Surface can do when paired up with a Xbox and what it can't do without a Live Gold membership:
    Xbox LIVE Membership | Xbox LIVE Subscription | Join Xbox LIVE -
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