1. Coreldan's Avatar
    I'm asking for a friend who doesn't visit these forums.

    He just got his Surface today and says it's really amazing and all that, but he was a bit bummed that he couldnt connect his company Exchange mail to the mail client, apparently cos it requires the exchange server is SSL certified or something, something that their company doesnt use.

    It works on his iPad, but not on his Surface and apparently the problem is just that Surface wont accept it cos its not SSL certified or something like this.

    So what I'm wondering is if any of you tech sawwy people have figured out how to do this? I figured it might be bypassable cos you peeps have figured out how to bypass the limited flash too :D
    11-06-2012 12:54 PM
  2. dark.davy's Avatar
    I assume you mean the company they work for do not have a Public SSL cert (using their own self signed one/default exchange one)

    From a web browser on the desktop mode, have them go to:

    if that doesnt work try:

    Then you should be able to follow these steps:
    What do I need to do to get Internet Explorer 8 to accept a self signed certificate? - Stack Overflow
    11-08-2012 12:49 PM
  3. Coreldan's Avatar
    Thanks, but my friend manage to get it working by manually installing some 3 certs. I dont know which certs, but if anyone is curious I can find it.
    11-09-2012 02:16 AM