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    Instead of making two threads, here is to questions:

    1) Since there are no official spotify app for Windows 8 RT. Have anyone tried the web player on the surface? Does it work? I can't try because I froze my subscription, and I don't want to pay just to try this. But if anyone of you have premium subscription and a surface, try going to this or that link. (you have to be logged in).

    2) What is the difference between the IE on desktop and the metro one? Does flash work on one of them and not on the other? Or is the metro one just HTML5?
    12-29-2012 07:25 AM
  2. narv's Avatar
    I cant really comment on the spotify for IE because I don't use spotify so can't tell you how well it works. However when the browser window is not open, it will not play the music like xbox music will (unless you open it up in the side by side view).

    however, for IE, the short answer is: there is no real difference. Both use the embedded version of flash (and how that works is a different subject about whitelist and such). As far as I can tell, only the desktop version of IE has compatibility mode. Most of the advanced internet options are on the desktop version (only the basic and most tools are on the modern (metro) UI), and the developer tools for editing CSS are on the desktop version. Other than that as far as I can tell thy are both the same.

    I personally prefer the modern UI for tablets simply because you can swipe the page left/right to go back/forward/next. Also the modern UI can run in the slim side by side view, and nothing on the desktop can run in full screen that way (shows just a small box).

    Basically the modern UI is IE designed for touch. With a few other minor differences.
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    12-29-2012 08:07 AM
  3. magictriangle's Avatar
    I am not a Spotify user but I use Rdio which I assume probably has a similar problem with its web player in IE on the Surface. One can play music via Rdio on IE but once the screen turns off, the music stops and if you try multitasking, the music also stops. So the only way I can continuously listen to music through the web player is if I have my screen constantly activated and am not using the Surface for anything else but Rdio. So it's basically unusable in my experience. Maybe Spotify has better results!
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    12-29-2012 03:42 PM

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