1. leo74's Avatar
    I am planning on getting the Surface Pro 2 and will use it as my main device. I was looking at some leather covers (folio type) and read that some block ventilation and that let the device run hot. Do you guys have any experience with that?
    Also: Does anyone know if there is a case that would allow me to not have to take it out when I place it in the docking station?

    I could go with a simple sleeve, but I tend to forget this stuff at airport gates and it get's expensive to buy a new sleeve after each of my business trips :)

    Thanks in advance for every bit of information!
    10-31-2013 02:47 PM
  2. Neibl's Avatar
    I like not putting anything on them, I use the type cover I have to protect the screen and ordered a custom SKINIT for protection on the back with a custom photo on it which matches my background on the pro2. I think the pro2 feels very slender in the hand actually when no case and type cover is on it. I kinda hate the type cover feel to be honest and try to use it minimally. The pen is so good anyway.
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    10-31-2013 03:00 PM

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