Surface Laptop hardware problem after failed Windows 11 update


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Feb 21, 2022
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Hello to everyone!

I am writing this post on behalf of my brother. He owns a Surface Laptop 015047480857 (1st gen), bought in May 2018. It always worked fine. He claims that the system alerted him with a notification about the possibility to update to Windows 11, and he clicked on it to start the process.

I know that 1st gen Surface Laptop is not upgradable to Win11, so I don't get how is possible that he received the prompt to upgrade, and was able to start the process. He claims that this was the update that he started.

During the upgrade, something went wrong and now every time he switches the laptop on he gets the attached screen. He contacted Windows assistance, but after some general troubleshooting, which didn't work, they claimed that the process has generated an hardware failure, and so the laptop can't be repaired and must be replaced. They are asking around 500 $ to do that, and for a 1st gen Surface Laptop they don't seem worth. Also, it's just a pity as the device was working perfectly before the upgrade attempt. My brother is not really tech savvy, he really didn't care about the upgrade to Win11 and he clicked on it just because he saw the notification and thought it was a regular periodic upgrade.

Now, I would like to know if someone here had some similar experience. Firstly, do you think that is possible that the system suggested the upgrade to Win11, even if the device is not compatible? He is sure that this is the case, but any info or experience would be helpful.

In any case, it is right that Windows doesn't do anything in a case like that?

Thanks for your help and for your knowledge. I know it is a quite old device, but as it worked perfectly fine it feels really wrong to have to replace it for this reason.
Jun 9, 2021
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I also find Windows 11 upgrade options even in my old laptops and systems. Even saw this option on unsupported computers but as you click upgrade, the system analyze then prompt with the message of unsupported hardware.

But I am unable to understand your problem. Usually in case of any upgrade problem you have the options of recovery and even the option of reset.

Maybe your system hardware is downgrading and old, this will be mature on this upgrade event. I suggest you to see some hardware technician or a tech guy to check this problem...

Hoping that your computer recover from this problem because technicians always have some techniques and tricks to recover the computer from many major and minor hardware problems...

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