1. mapenn's Avatar
    I'm not really sure what exactly Skype WiFi is suppose to do! I thought it would help me get online at airports and other places during my recent overseas trip. But... since you have to first connect and be logged intro a WiFi before Skype WiFi does anything, what is the point? I've read the FAQs and I still don't understand exactly what it is suppose to do! Can somebody enlighten me? :) Thanks!
    12-29-2013 03:53 PM
  2. JaiMento's Avatar
    Skype WiFi allows you to connect to participating WiFi hotspot providers and pay using your Skype credits. I believe with the Surface Pro 2, it is free for a year and does not require you to additionally use Skype credits when connected to a Skype WiFi hotspot.

    WiFi - Wireless Internet Access from WiFi Hotspots - Skype
    12-29-2013 04:00 PM

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