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What exactly can Cortana do these days?


Oct 8, 2013
Cortana has started popping up on my laptop screen.

Not sure why...I haven't uttered the words "hey Cortana" since Microsoft decided relegate it to retard status a year or so back.

Since then, I moved over to Google's assistant.

So, now that Cortana keeps wanting my attention, and the "hey Cortana" feature seems to be working again, I decided to give it a try, because ultimately it would be great if I could set reminders using Cortana, and they'd integrate with my to-do or outlook work flow.

Well, they don't.

In fact, Cortana can't even handle basic reminders, like "remind me to call Fred in one hour."

That very simple instruction is totally out of Cortana's wheelhouse.

So, what can Cortana do these days?

So far, I've discovered that it can do web searches, and tell you the time in other countries. Yippee :(


New member
Mar 18, 2015
First of all, please understand that I used a translator because I am a foreigner.

Microsoft has failed a lot in the mobile market. That's why it seems to have decided that competition between Android and iOS is difficult.

So it seems that the Cortana app on mobile is also closed, and the features are getting nerfed in Windows 10.

Cortana itself is not available in the country where I live.

Unfortunately, only Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are likely to survive the market.

Apple's Siri is also in bad shape and seems to be falling behind a lot.

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