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    Hello everyone I have a quick question what has been your luck with the SP4 dock and multiple monitors. I suggested my department get these for datacenter trips and while light we have the most issues with the docks. We have a small department of about 10 and have had to send 2 docks back and possibly mine I am assuming.

    I just picked up the i7, 16GB, 512 and I can't for the life of me get my monitors to work right. I even went as far as ordering 2 of the microsoft mini display port adapters to try and fix the issue. I still have monitor flicker and waves on my screens. In addition it happens with the Startech Multi-stream 2 display port adapter.

    What has been your successful configuration is it possible I need to buy new monitors as well? I am using 2 x Acer x2223w and an acer B243w.

    Thanks in advanced if I can't resolve I may have to go back to my monseter Z-book while heavy connecting external monitors doesn't strain my eyes.
    01-17-2017 06:49 AM
  2. Mikeman's Avatar
    I will take a stab at this and hope I don't sound like a babbling ID10T- I had some serious issues when connecting my SP4 to external monitors / Televisions. What I have found both in the past and with the SP4 is connectivity and cables MATTER. Here are the two cable I have used and this resolved my issues completely.

    This Cable -

    and....This Adapter -

    The Microsoft dock does well with standard monitors, but obviously not all monitors.... One thing that has also worked out issues for me has been to work with the Monitors settings, and the Surface Pro settings under "Advanced Display Settings". Additionally you can use the Windows + "K" key as a shortcut to projecting your screen etc. Its sometimes the refresh rate, sometimes the resolution settings and of course running separate settings for each is paramount in the set up. Use the monitors manual to check out what resolutions / refresh rates are supported - I have found that often using the monitors automatic screen adjustment tool clears up flickering / screen related issues. I realize that there are a lot of variables that effect both the SP4 and the Monitor(s) - finding the common working solution takes a little work sometimes. I hope this helps a little.

    The above mentioned cables cleared out issues with 4k / 60Hz vs 4k / 30Hz and additionally cleared up a slew of flickering issues on a multitude of external monitors.
    01-19-2017 03:44 AM
  3. buffalosolja's Avatar
    Thanks will try that out when I head back in the office. I don't have this issue at home using my old Samsung SyncMaster 2243s looks fine on those. Thanks so much for feedback!
    01-19-2017 08:37 AM

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