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    Well, I just cracked my Surface pro 3 in front of a client. The surface was sitting on my office desk to my right, switched on, with the side stand open at a normal viewing angle. I reached out placed my left hand thumb at the top left hand corner of the surface with my four fingers behind, while grabbing the keyboard with my right hand at the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard...
    Get this, as I picked this up we heard a click and as I looked closely the top left hand corner beneath my thumb print was pushed in...Unbelievable!!!
    The surface has been lovingly owned and well looked after and I don’t have the heavy hands of a giant…Why would my thumb break the screen? Unless there is a weak point there!
    Taken it straight to the place it was purchased only 4 months ago…
    Watch this space!!!

    Bravo Microsoft...I received a new replacement within two weeks....Now that's service..However I will be very aware of how I grab hold of it..
    Thank you
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