1. davo_svk's Avatar
    Hello :-) I have a Surface Pro 3, but the warranty has expired. Anyway I can't charge my Surface. When I connect charger into Surface, the LED starts blinking and after few seconds it stops flashing completely.
    So I borrowed another charger from my friend (Who also has the Surface Pro 3) But It's not working on my surface pro 3 too.. So I think there is not problem in the charger, but the problem will be in the surface, I think. Now I have a 1000€ brick on my desk. What I have to do now ? Thank You so much for any help!
    10-01-2017 09:05 AM
  2. davo_svk's Avatar
    I was talking with support and We made service exchange even when the device is out of warranty
    10-04-2017 05:12 AM

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